A Christmas Wishlist for Restoration

A Christmas Wishlist for Restoration

In my last sermon I mentioned that Christmas gifts are not bad. It’s true—we all like gifts! The tradition of giving and receiving gifts at Christmas should be a reminder to us of the greatest gift we could ever receive, Christ Jesus.

In the spirit of giving and receiving gifts, I want to share with you my Christmas wish list for Restoration.

  1. Microphones. We need four new Countryman microphones. In my research for my doctoral thesis I have found that sound is one of the most important aspects of a worship service (after preaching the Gospel, of course). Studies show if you can’t hear or the sound quality is bad then people will not come back to worship with you again. People are accustomed to having high quality sound everywhere they go so we are want to improve the sound quality of our services with better mics. Each microphone costs about $300.
  1. Stoles. In our Anglican tradition we follow a liturgical calendar where each season is represented by a different color. For example, right now we are in the season of Advent and we should have purple or blue stoles for worship. A stole look like a long strip of fabric that is worn over the shoulders of the clergy, especially when serving at the communion table. The stole symbolizes a yoke and serves as a reminder that God is the one who is truly at work at the table. In the Restoration’s eight years as a church we have never purchased a complete set of stoles. A set of stoles costs about $600.
  1. Paid sound professional. As I explained above, sound is an essential part of a worship service. We have been very blessed with skilled volunteers who have been great at the soundboard. However, there have been many times when we have difficulty filling this essential position or when our needs go beyond the skill level and time commitment of a volunteer. To have a paid person who is consistent and knowledgable about sound would be an amazing gift to Restoration.
  1. Christmas Eve. My final Christmas wishlist item is for a full house on Christmas Eve. The idea of everyone worshipping together warms my heart. I love the powerful moment and the end of the service when we all raise our candles on the final verse of “Silent Night” as the whole church body worships our Lord and Savior. So come on Sunday at 6pm and bring your family and friends.

I want to thank everyone and wish you all a merry Christmas. There is an old Irish Christmas Blessing I remember from my childhood:

May you be blessed 
With the spirit of the season
which is peace, 
The gladness of the season
which is hope. 
And the heart of the season, 
which is love. 
-author unknown. 


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