9.4.16 Sermon Bonus: Luke 14:25-33

9.4.16 Sermon Bonus: Luke 14:25-33


Several people have asked me about the video I showed during my message last Sunday. You can watch this amazing social experiment here.

As you watch it, two thoughts will enter into your mind. The first will be, “Wow, I can’t believe she is conforming to the group.” The second thought will be, “I would never fall into social conformity.” There is a level of humor to the video because you can’t believe it is actually happening but the truth is that we fall into social conformity all the time. We’ve are so accustomed to following the crowd we are not even aware it’s happening to us.

I share this video as a prompt to ask yourself a question: “How have I unknowingly agreed to follow the patterns of the world?” In Luke 14:25-33, Jesus corrects the people for falling into the social conformity of the crowd following him for the wrong reason.  Jesus has called his followers to be his disciples by putting him first, picking up our cross and putting aside anything that stands in the way of serving him.


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