7.24.16 Sermon Bonus: Malachi

7.24.16 Sermon Bonus: Malachi

Profit or Prophet?

Throughout the minor prophets sermon series, we’ve been trying to emphasize that to speak with a prophetic voice does not mean that you put on a sandwich board and take a bullhorn with you to the food court at the Galleria.  Being a prophet is about helping others reimagine the world from God’s perspective, helping others to pull themselves out of the rushing current of present culture and into the eternal reality of God’s rule and reign.

But we can’t inspire that new imagination if there isn’t something fundamentally, observably different about the way we go about our days and lives.

I want to challenge all of us, as we bring this series to a close, to take a personal inventory–maybe even ask someone who knows us well–to see where (if anywhere) your life departs from the life prescribed by the prevailing culture.  As Malachi 3 discusses, one easy way to distinguish a life faithful to God is in our finances.  A willing, intentional sacrifice of our ‘hard-earned profits’ re-orients our view of reality and helps us reimagine a world in which our desires don’t come first.  That’s pretty counter-cultural.

Look at your relationships, your job, your schedule, your media consumption, your diet, your parenting, and ask how the reality of the gospel has changed your approach to this part of your life.  Then, this Sunday, listen to the testimonies from those in our community who’ve been joining God in the restoration of all things, then give yourself some quiet space to reflect on how you might begin to speak with a prophetic voice in your world–even without saying a word.



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