10.25.15 Sermon & Bonus Material

10.25.15 Sermon & Bonus Material

Last Sunday Jed spoke about the meaning of the table in our worship and in our daily lives as we continue our “Home Matters” series. So many of the accounts of Jesus’ teachings and encounters with people happen over a meal. And yet so many things keep you and me the powerful companionship that happens when we share meals with others.

Jed cited an article in his message from The Washington Post about the growing trend of many Americans eating alone on a regular basis.

The most American thing there is: eating alone

Nearly half of all meals and snacks are now eaten in solitude, according to a new report by industry trade association the Food Marketing Institute. The frequency varies by meal — people are more likely to eat breakfast by themselves than lunch or dinner — but the popularity of solo dining is, no doubt, on the rise, and has been for some time.

“Even the foods that people are gravitating towards when snacking are the kinds we tend to have by ourselves,” said Darren Seifer, an industry analyst at market-research firm NPD Group. Read more at the Washington Post.


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