1.10.2016 Sermon Bonus

1.10.2016 Sermon Bonus


Last Sunday we looked at the story of Jesus’ baptism in Luke 3:15-18, 21-22. The beginning of Jesus ministry was marked by baptism with water and the descent of the Holy Spirit on him, making him “mighty in word and deed.” The sacrament of baptism also marks the beginning of our life in the family of God. In the Anglican practice, we are both washed with water as a picture of the death of our old life and the beginning of a new one in Christ and then marked with oil representing the filling of the Holy Spirt.

It is a beautiful moment and sometimes I am sad that I don’t get to experience it over and over again. But baptism is an initiation into a new family and over the years we grow into a mature life shaped by this powerful sacramental truth. We “learn to swim in the waters of our baptism.” One way of doing that is to celebrate your baptism birthday—or the anniversary of the day you were baptized. Our family recently put these “other” birthdays on the calendar as a powerful reminder that we are born again and forever part of the family of God.

Here are some ideas from the Practicing Families blog for celebrating baptism, especially baptism birthdays with children. I am always looking for ways to remind my son of his baptism and help him grow into his identity as a child of God.

I would love to hear ideas for celebrating baptism for adults as well. I think there should be prayers, good friends who know you spiritually, a celebration of how God has worked in your life in the past year, and CAKE.


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