What’s Happening in Children’s Ministry

What’s Happening in Children’s Ministry

Each week in our Children’s Lesson, we will focus on a single Bible verse. Please help your child to remember to bring the memory verse folders back each week, along with a Bible, as we learn new verses together.

This Week

Jesus wept.” John 11:35

This week, we will talk about the sadness of Jesus. When Jesus came to the tomb of Lazarus, he wept because he was sad at the death of his friend. He sympathized with Mary and Martha, his sisters. Jesus knew that he could raise Lazarus, but that didn’t change the sadness and grief he felt.

During our time together this week, we will talk about the human sadness of Jesus. We can believe in Jesus’ power because we can believe in his humanity. We will talk about sadness we’ve experienced and practice offering our sadness to Jesus, who loves and cares for us.

Talk About It

You can discuss this at home with your child:

  • Help older kids begin to talk about Jesus’ humanity and divinity. If you need some language for this, check out the Anglican Church in North America’s Catechism. (Note: this is advanced, but you could introduce the concept)
  • Discuss how your family can be like Jesus, sharing in the sorrows that others feel and praying for God’s healing and restoration.

Don’t forget that there is an ‘At Home’ sheet in your child’s folder each week with more ideas to talk about this verse at home!

As always, if you have any questions about our Children’s Ministry or would like to volunteer to serve our children, email Kolby.