Giving At Restoration

Giving is a part of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We encourage believers to take note of everything God has given you and then offer him the best of what you have received by giving your time, talents and tithe through Restoration.

Checks and Cash 

We always encourage you to bring your gifts with you on Sunday mornings and present your financial offering to the Lord as a part of our worship service. Automated Giving It is simple to set up regular gifts to Restoration through online bill pay on your bank website, just as you would for any recurring payment. Enter Restoration Anglican Church as the payee/company, enter your name as the account number (if applicable) and schedule your gift to be sent to our mailing address: Restoration Anglican Church 1920 N. Coit Rd Suite 200-323 Richardson, TX 75080

Online Giving


Using PayPal is another easy way to tithe to Restoration.

Visit the Paypal website or mobile application and select "Send Money to Friend and Family. " then enter the email address. No fees will be incurred by Restoration since we are a nonprofit.


While we prefer you use one of the above options so that the full amount of your gift will be received by Restoration, we now offer online giving and giving via text message through Mogiv, our trusted online giving partner. To give online simply complete the online form below.  To initiate a gift via text message, simply text "restore" to 59769, followed by your gift amount (ex. "restore 100"). You will then receive a return message that includes a link to register. Once registered, you can "text" a gift anytime you like!

Note: Please consider that when giving online or via text through Mogiv, Restoration incurs a fee equal to 2.9% of your gift amount.

2015 Belize Mission Trip Giving

If you are interested in giving to help send our mission team to Belize, you may use the Mogiv form above to give online or simply text "holycross2015" along with a dollar amount to 59769 and follow the promts. 

Although online giving is convenient, our preference is that you give by check or bank draft to avoid merchant fees. Please also note that gifts to this trip should be above and beyond regular giving to Restoration.