The Mind of Christ

There are a lot of troubling things going on in the news today:  a boat of women and children capsizes while fleeing from Myanmar, tensions between the United States and North Korea are escalating, Mexico City is in ruins after an earthquake, a Guatemalan mudslide kills several people, the commonwealth of Puerto Rico is without Read the full article →

Sermon Bonus – Encountering Jesus:  Living Water in the Wilderness

    This week, we looked at Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. It’s interesting that this woman has acquired a reputation for immorality and promiscuity. It’s even more interesting how easy that narrative is to believe once you decide that’s her story. She’s been married five times, she’s Read the full article →

Sermon Bonus 11.20.16 – “An Important Failure”

  In the sermon Sunday, I mentioned the poem by W.H. Auden called “Musee des Beaux Arts.”  In the poem, Auden talks about Pieter Bruegel’s painting, The Fall of Icarus.  In the painting, everyone is turning away from Icarus as he plunges into the sea.  To them, it simply wasn’t an “important failure.” When we Read the full article →

What we mean by “Fitting In”

Last Sunday Kolby kicked off a new sermon series called “Fitting In” based on 1 Peter. We carefully selected this book of the Bible for the Church Season at Restoration because the ideas in our Community Group study on Jamie Smith’s book You Are What You Love beautifully dovetail with the message of the Apostle Read the full article →

9.4.16 Sermon Bonus: Luke 14:25-33

  Several people have asked me about the video I showed during my message last Sunday. You can watch this amazing social experiment here. As you watch it, two thoughts will enter into your mind. The first will be, “Wow, I can’t believe she is conforming to the group.” The second thought will be, “I would Read the full article →

7.24.16 Sermon Bonus: Malachi

Profit or Prophet? Throughout the minor prophets sermon series, we’ve been trying to emphasize that to speak with a prophetic voice does not mean that you put on a sandwich board and take a bullhorn with you to the food court at the Galleria.  Being a prophet is about helping others reimagine the world from Read the full article →

5.29.16 Sermon Bonus

  On Sunday on I preached on Galatians 1. I encourage you to listen to the heart of the Gospel message. I’ve included a small portion of my sermon below. “Not many believers realize it but you can believe in Jesus, the cross, the resurrection, the ascension and be completely distorted in your understanding of Read the full article →

Sermon Bonus 2.28.16: Daily Bread

  On Sunday during my message about “Daily Bread,” I referred to “The Weight of Glory” by C.S. Lewis and then joked that we refer to it so often that we should just go straight to the source and read it from the pulpit some Sunday morning. If you’ve never read “The Weight of Glory,” it’s a Read the full article →

01.24.2016 Sermon Bonus

Last Sunday, I talked a little bit about a pattern in the gospels–the people who really understand the mission of Jesus in the world are those who have felt his healing touch.  Usually, those who merely witness these events miss the meaning of the miracle.  They see grace unfolding right before them, but they get Read the full article →

1.10.2016 Sermon Bonus

  Last Sunday we looked at the story of Jesus’ baptism in Luke 3:15-18, 21-22. The beginning of Jesus ministry was marked by baptism with water and the descent of the Holy Spirit on him, making him “mighty in word and deed.” The sacrament of baptism also marks the beginning of our life in the Read the full article →

11.15.15 Sermon Bonus

On Sunday I preached about Peter’s instruction to believers: “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” We have a tendency toward thinking that sharing the faith is a job for professional Christians, when in fact the Gospel is best shared Read the full article →

No Mask Required

Last Sunday our church held a service outside in the park. It was a wonderful, cool morning with our church family gathered around the table. In his sermon, Jed talked about wearing masks. How appropriate for the morning after Halloween! The reality is, however, most of us do wear masks outside of our homes. Be it fear or perhaps Read the full article →

10.04.15 Sermon & Bonus Material

  On Sunday we read the gospel from the lectionary, Mark 10:1-12. Though my message was primarily about Jesus lesson about marriage and divorce, I also had planned to say something to those who are not married but ran out of time. Here’s the part I left out.