Thursday Share: Are We There Yet?

This past weekend I heard the first episode of a series on the radio show/podcast This American Life telling the stories of refugees living in camps in Greece.  This week, “Are We There Yet?” detailed the daily events of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan who are currently living life in limbo in camps. We hear daunting statistics about the Read the full article →

City Stories: Refugees in Dallas

I need to share an experience from my week with you. My day started off as just an ordinary summer Tuesday, with emails, phone calls, and scheduled appointments scattered throughout my day. Little did I know my day would become anything but ordinary. The ordinary became the extraordinary for me when Amy Flickinger and I knocked on Read the full article →

World Refugee Day

1 in every 113 people in the world is currently a refugee.  In 2015 a record number of people, 65.3 million, were living displaced from their homes. A refugee could be someone from Syria fleeing from war or from Central American escaping drug gang violence or from South Sudan forced to leave because of famine. Read the full article →

Forum for Refugee Awareness: Learn How to Help

Restoration is proud to host the Refugee Awareness Forum on Sunday, April 24. The event is free but you must register online if you plan to attend. We’ve asked Sheryl Belson to share more about this wonderful opportunity to learn how we can respond to the refugee crisis.  God calls each of us into various roles at various times. Read the full article →