Remember that We are Dust

Last night my family sat in the corner of a restaurant celebrating my son’s fifth birthday. As we shared our meal we noticed a long line of emergency vehicles creeping along the highway. At first we assumed they were making their way through traffic to an accident somewhere down the road, but there were dozens Read the full article →

40 Ideas for Keeping a Holy Lent

Lent begins next week on Ash Wednesday, February 14, so it is time to consider how God may be leading you to participate in this season of repentance and renewal as we prepare for Easter. During the season of Lent the church focuses on the commands of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew Read the full article →

Anglican 101: What is Holy Week?

Holy Week is the name for the final week of Lent before Easter. It may also be called Passion (meaning suffering) Week, referring to Jesus’ betrayal, torture, and crucifixion. This year it begins on Palm Sunday, April 9 and ends on Holy Saturday, April 15. It is a significant part of the Church Year for Christians because Read the full article →

When Lent Becomes Boring

A few weeks ago I reflected on my personal blog about the realities of Lenten devotion. The inconvenience of sacrifice brought pain that spiritual endorphins pre-Lent had blinded me to.  I expected to feel holy, but I just felt frustrated. As it turns out, practicing Lent is more difficult than thinking about it before hand. Now, though, the pendulum has swung Read the full article →

Restoration Recommends: Silence

In Lent, we enter the wilderness with Jesus. There, we embrace our brokenness as Christ embraced his own suffering, emptying ourselves out so that as we encounter others, we might reflect Christ. Both in novel form (by Shusako Endo) and as a film adaptation (by Martin Scorsese), Silence is about entering the wilderness. It is Read the full article →

Sermon Bonus – Encountering Jesus:  Living Water in the Wilderness

    This week, we looked at Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. It’s interesting that this woman has acquired a reputation for immorality and promiscuity. It’s even more interesting how easy that narrative is to believe once you decide that’s her story. She’s been married five times, she’s Read the full article →

Restoration Recommends: The Good of Giving Up

In my sermon this week, I spoke about a new introduction to Lent, written by an Anglican Pastor in Chicago by the name of Aaron Damiani.  I found this book to be an extremely helpful resource for anyone who is new to the tradition of Lent and anyone who wishes to revitalize their thinking about Read the full article →

Sermon Bonus 3.5.17 – Encountering Jesus: Into the Wilderness

In Matthew 4, Jesus faces three temptations to rely on his own strength to elude suffering and to seize power for his own. It’s a temptation that we face every day. We make choices every day to ensure that we won’t have to feel weak or inferior; we’ve figured out ways to keep ourselves satisfied Read the full article →

What Kind of Fast Does the Lord Choose?

Today is the first day of Lent and the beginning of a 40 day season of preparation to restore and renew us for the joy of the resurrection when we reach Easter on April 16. Anglicans follow three disciplines during the Lenten season: prayer, fasting, and giving to those in need. These three practices are Read the full article →

Lent with Kids

It feels like we just wrapped up Christmas, but Ash Wednesday is only 2 weeks away! In addition to preparing children for Ash Wednesday, and explaining the purpose behind Lent, here are a few ideas for how to incorporate Lent into daily life at home and weekly parish life. Life at Home: Pray. If you don’t pray as a family, Read the full article →

Restoration Recommends: Books for Lent, Pt. 2

Lent has arrived. If you are in search of a book to guide your spiritual journey in this season we have our second round of recommendations. Part 1 can be found here. Lenten Devotions Between Midnight and Dawn: A Literary Guide to Prayer for Lent, Holy Week, and Eastertide  compiled by Sarah Arthur The first time Read the full article →

Restoration Recommends: Books for Lent, Pt. 1

As the beginning of the Lenten season approaches, we turn our attention as a church to self-examination and spiritual formation. Here is part 1 of our suggestions for books to guide you through the upcoming season. Lenten Devotional Books Trinity School for Ministry 2016 Lenten Devotional This is a great little devotional, filled with spiritual Read the full article →

What is Lent?

Lent begins a next Wednesday, February 10 on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Easter on March, 27. When we observe the season of Lent we are keeping a tradition that began in the 3rd century among the earliest followers of Jesus. In the early church Lent was observed as a time of preparation before baptism for Read the full article →