Thursday Share: What Does the Ascension of Jesus Mean?

Today is Ascension Day! On this day in the Easter season we celebrate the occasion when Jesus was with his disciples, offering final instructions about what to expect when he went to be with the Father, and then was taken up in to the clouds and was gone. Celebrating the absence of Jesus seems odd but Read the full article →

Thursday Share: Come, Lord Jesus

Matthew Westerholm’s blog post Come, Lord Jesus on the website Desiring God struck a chord with me this past Sunday for I regularly pray for Christ’s return. I pray for him to return soon just as John prayed at the end of Revelation (Rev. 22:20) in response to Jesus telling him, he will return. Jesus’ imminent return Read the full article →

4.17.16 Sermon Bonus: This Story Begins and Ends in Joy

  I mentioned on Sunday that you need to follow @restoringall on Instagram.  You may recall that I showed a quote from J.R.R. Tolkien that was posted on Saturday:  “The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus means that one day everything sad will come untrue.” Tolkien believed that one of the most amazing things about Read the full article →

Restoration Recommends: The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross

For Easter I gave our three year-old the newly released picture book The Garden, The Curtain, and the Cross by British author Carl Laverton. He traces the whole story of our life with God beginning in the Garden of Eden, to the Temple, to the Cross, to the Resurrection, and, finally, to the life to come. This Read the full article →

How are you Celebrating Easter?

How are you celebrating Easter? This should be the corollary question in the life of every Christian to What are you giving up for Lent? It feels holy to deny ourselves and give up something during the Lenten season but now that we have prepared our hearts and Resurrection Sunday has arrived we need to Read the full article →