The Ties that Bind

TIE groups are starting at Restoration.  Hopefully that isn’t news to you—we’ve tried not to be subtle.  If you haven’t heard, TIE stands for Three Is Enough, and it’s our version of small discipleship groups. I’ve known probably every type of small group; I’ve been a part of plenty over the years.  But this month Read the full article →

There are no solitary polar explorers

Over a decade ago I experienced what I can only call a kind of second conversion. I was a “just me and Jesus” kind of Christian, tired of less spiritually passionate pew-sitters bogging down my my recklessly individualized spiritual walk with God. A wise teacher broke through my personalized approach to Christianity when he said, Read the full article →

Women’s Getaway

This past weekend I did something that I haven’t done in over seventeen years. I went to a sleepover with 19 other women. We played games, made friendship bracelets, and ate way too many M&Ms. We vowed to say up until midnight. There were moments of laughter, honesty, and advice. In this brief passage of time we could relinquish our Read the full article →

Thursday Share: Lonely Sunday

Today we noticed Scot McKnight link to a wonderful article on his blog Jesus Creed about single Christians in church that needs to be shared. At Missio Alliance Kris Beckert writes about her experience as a single woman in church and the pain and promise of singleness in Christian community. Lonely Sunday: Single Christians and the Church’s Read the full article →