Our City: Ministering to Refugees Part II

Justin McGee continues his talk about how Restoration became involved with the refugee ministry. Part I of his article can be found here. Please note that some names have been changed for privacy.  In April of 2015, two of the members of the refugee team arrived at the airport late one night to pick-up the “Alm” family Read the full article →

We Join God in the Restoration of Our City

Joining God in the restoration of all things is our mission at Restoration. And for all of us who keep our eyes open, looking for the Kingdom of God, you will know that the Kingdom is not only in the future but already happening in the present (Mk. 1). Since the Kingdom of God is Read the full article →

City Stories: Network Ministries

Becky Farnsworth has been a volunteer for Network the past five years, working primarily in the Food Pantry and during the “Santa Land” Toy Distribution. This was Becky’s first year working the Back to School event. She shares a little about her experience below: First I wanted to update you all on Network business. We received $100.00 cash for Read the full article →

What should we do in a time of tragedy?

“The World Teetering between Tragedies” “Tragedies; direct affronts to our humanity, an insult to all who care about liberty, justice,  and the value of human life.” “Tragedy ignored today will be on our doorstep tomorrow.” These are three taglines that have stayed with me this week. 1 Corinthians 12:26 says: If one member suffers, all suffer Read the full article →

City Stories: Refugees in Dallas

I need to share an experience from my week with you. My day started off as just an ordinary summer Tuesday, with emails, phone calls, and scheduled appointments scattered throughout my day. Little did I know my day would become anything but ordinary. The ordinary became the extraordinary for me when Amy Flickinger and I knocked on Read the full article →

Thursday Share: In Memoriam

Roman Catholic Ron Belgau shares a blog with Anglican Wesley Hill, whom I admire deeply and have referenced previously in sermons. Both men are celibate gay Christians who edit a blog called Spiritual Friendship. It is one of the most thought provoking and insightful blogs I read regularly featuring posts examining the role of friendship Read the full article →

5.29.16 Sermon Bonus

  On Sunday on I preached on Galatians 1. I encourage you to listen to the heart of the Gospel message. I’ve included a small portion of my sermon below. “Not many believers realize it but you can believe in Jesus, the cross, the resurrection, the ascension and be completely distorted in your understanding of Read the full article →

City Stories: Network

This past Saturday a team from Restoration went to Network of Community Ministries located in Richardson to volunteer. Once there, we were asked to sort and organize food since a mail carrier food drive last week brought in 25,000 pounds of food. Network received so many donations they had to be temporarily stored in separate buildings and many Read the full article →

Forum for Refugee Awareness: Learn How to Help

Restoration is proud to host the Refugee Awareness Forum on Sunday, April 24. The event is free but you must register online if you plan to attend. We’ve asked Sheryl Belson to share more about this wonderful opportunity to learn how we can respond to the refugee crisis.  God calls each of us into various roles at various times. Read the full article →