The Rest of the Story

We are well rehearsed in the most of the details the birth of Jesus or at least the ones that would appear in a Nativity play. In this familiar scene the infant Jesus is softly glowing and surrounded by his mother Mary and Joseph. There are sheep, shepherds, and gentle barnyard animals adoring the baby. Read the full article →

Keep the Feast: I Belong to Jesus

From the very beginning the church has paired baptism with Easter, baptizing new Christians on Easter Day. But even if it has been years since your baptism, Easter is the perfect opportunity to explore what baptism means and why it is cause for celebration. Worship scholar Robert Webber wrote in his book Ancient-Future Time: Forming Read the full article →

How We Remember

I’m sure there are a few important dates that remain on your calendar year after year. There are happy days like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and reminders of major life changes. And there may be a few sad days as well, like the anniversary of the death of a loved one that likely is not marked Read the full article →

Anglican 101: What is Holy Week?

Holy Week is the name for the final week of Lent before Easter. It may also be called Passion (meaning suffering) Week, referring to Jesus’ betrayal, torture, and crucifixion. This year it begins on Palm Sunday, April 9 and ends on Holy Saturday, April 15. It is a significant part of the Church Year for Christians because Read the full article →

A Tale of Two Christmases

Last year I had a passing conversation with one of my neighbors on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. She said, “Well, we’ve got to go do Christmas so I can take the tree down.” I continued on my way to prepare for Restoration’s Christmas Eve service later that evening but I was truly puzzled by Read the full article →

New Season at Restoration

If you are anything like me, you sometimes realize that your life is stuck in a rut. Day after day of following the same routine, eating the same food, and thinking the same thoughts makes life boring. It also eventually will cause your life to become unbalanced. The same thing can happen in our common life Read the full article →

Thursday Share: What Does the Ascension of Jesus Mean?

Today is Ascension Day! On this day in the Easter season we celebrate the occasion when Jesus was with his disciples, offering final instructions about what to expect when he went to be with the Father, and then was taken up in to the clouds and was gone. Celebrating the absence of Jesus seems odd but Read the full article →

What is Lent?

Lent begins a next Wednesday, February 10 on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Easter on March, 27. When we observe the season of Lent we are keeping a tradition that began in the 3rd century among the earliest followers of Jesus. In the early church Lent was observed as a time of preparation before baptism for Read the full article →


On Tuesday night our family had a Twelfth Night party to mark the end of the Christmas season and welcome the next feast season in the Church calendar—Epiphany. Since Christmas day the three wooden wisemen from our nativity set had been making their way through our home, moving each night starting in the dining room, Read the full article →

Christmas is 12 Days

We are happy to say that it is still Christmas at Restoration! Merry Christmas! On the Church Calendar Christmas lasts from December 25 through January 5—or the twelve days of Christmas. But this isn’t just a quaint bit of history that we remember as we pack away the tree and ornaments. It is an invitation Read the full article →

Advent Life: Slow Down Your Christmas

(This article appeared in the Restoration newsletter in a previous Advent season.) I don’t remember the exact date but it was sometime in early November when the Halloween candy was still on clearance—that was the day I noticed the Christmas music playing as I waited in the check-out line at the grocery store. I was Read the full article →

Restoration Recommends: Reading about the Church Year

If you have come to the Anglican church from another tradition you may be surprised to hear that not only do we have a slightly different way of praying and worshipping, we also have a slightly different calendar. New Year’s Day for the Anglican Church falls on the first day of the Advent Season, which Read the full article →

Anglican 101: Christ the King Sunday

Our church moves to the rhythm of a calendar.  It’s been part of the church’s tradition stretching all the way back to the nation of Israel.  And this Sunday, the church year ends as we celebrate Christ the King Sunday. You may not be ready to make any resolutions heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Read the full article →