Restoration Recommends:  Have you heard of it? Are there things in your life that once discovered literally changed your life? Well for me, was this sort of discovery. It is right up there with my Google search line and my DVR record button. I use each of these modern resources daily, if not hourly at Read the full article →

Rising Temperatures & Respect

Let me explain:  Over the last several days, I have been yelled at over the phone by two different people while asking for services I needed. Verbal bashings are not something I’m familiar with. I cannot remember the last time someone yelled at me! So back to my question, does the rising mercy have anything Read the full article →

Thursday Share: My Pastor Isn’t Feeding Me

This post found on the Jesus Creed blog is neither a complaint or a passive-aggressive post, I promise! It’s a powerful reminder that we are meant to find regular spiritual nourishment outside of Sunday worship. In this season as we focus on praying the Daily Office, which includes a heaping helping of scripture each day, remember that Read the full article →