Our City: Be the Light

This week on June 21st we had the longest day of the year. I’m not talking about your work day but the longest amount of sunlight in a twenty-four hour period. It’s known as Summer Solstice or midsummer. This day occurs when the earth’s geographic pole is closest toward the sun.  For the northern hemisphere Read the full article →

Restoration Recommends: Parenting in the Pew

I visited Restoration last spring on a “church outside” day, and one of my first- and favorite- observations was all the kids running around. Kids in the back of cars, kids in strollers, kids circling like hawks over the donut table. What fun! Looking around on Sunday mornings, it’s obvious that many children genuinely enjoy Read the full article →

Community Groups

A new season of Community Groups begins this month! If you haven’t participated in a Community Group and you are wondering what they are all about here is what you need to know! What are Community Groups?  Community Groups meet in homes to study the Bible, pray, and deepen relationships with each other. Groups include Read the full article →

Restoration Goes Caroling

Last Sunday a group of people from Restoration went caroling through the neighborhoods. Dressed in santa hats and a riding in a trailer adorned with lights the carolers sung to about ten homes in the Richardson area. We are looking forward to making this a yearly tradition at Restoration!