Thursday Share: How to Think

I’ve been a big fan of Alan Jacobs since I took a class from him back in college. Since then, Dr. Jacobs has moved to Baylor and become a prominent Christian intellectual. Like C.S. Lewis (about whom Jacobs has written a great biography), Jacobs doesn’t cloister himself away with his fellow scholars, writing books beyond Read the full article →

Thursday Share: Are We There Yet?

This past weekend I heard the first episode of a series on the radio show/podcast This American Life telling the stories of refugees living in camps in Greece.  This week, “Are We There Yet?” detailed the daily events of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan who are currently living life in limbo in camps. We hear daunting statistics about the Read the full article →

Thursday Share: In Memoriam

Roman Catholic Ron Belgau shares a blog with Anglican Wesley Hill, whom I admire deeply and have referenced previously in sermons. Both men are celibate gay Christians who edit a blog called Spiritual Friendship. It is one of the most thought provoking and insightful blogs I read regularly featuring posts examining the role of friendship Read the full article →

Thursday Share: What Does the Ascension of Jesus Mean?

Today is Ascension Day! On this day in the Easter season we celebrate the occasion when Jesus was with his disciples, offering final instructions about what to expect when he went to be with the Father, and then was taken up in to the clouds and was gone. Celebrating the absence of Jesus seems odd but Read the full article →

Thursday Share: Come, Lord Jesus

Matthew Westerholm’s blog post Come, Lord Jesus on the website Desiring God struck a chord with me this past Sunday for I regularly pray for Christ’s return. I pray for him to return soon just as John prayed at the end of Revelation (Rev. 22:20) in response to Jesus telling him, he will return. Jesus’ imminent return Read the full article →

Thursday Share: Who is St. Patrick?

Today is St. Patrick’s Day! If you neglected to wear green I’m sure that you have been reminded many times. St. Patrick is revered by the Irish (and those of Irish descent) for his contributions to culture as well as by generations of Christians for his faithfulness to Christ and mission to bring the Gospel Read the full article →

Thursday Share: My Pastor Isn’t Feeding Me

This post found on the Jesus Creed blog is neither a complaint or a passive-aggressive post, I promise! It’s a powerful reminder that we are meant to find regular spiritual nourishment outside of Sunday worship. In this season as we focus on praying the Daily Office, which includes a heaping helping of scripture each day, remember that Read the full article →

Thursday Share: I’m Still Here

Depression and others forms of mental illness are more common than you would imagine among  your friends, co-workers, and family members. It’s estimated that 18% of American adults are affected by an anxiety disorder and yet we are so hesitant to talk about this common and painful diagnosis. This week Kelly Ward bravely told her story in Read the full article →

Thursday Share: Lonely Sunday

Today we noticed Scot McKnight link to a wonderful article on his blog Jesus Creed about single Christians in church that needs to be shared. At Missio Alliance Kris Beckert writes about her experience as a single woman in church and the pain and promise of singleness in Christian community. Lonely Sunday: Single Christians and the Church’s Read the full article →

Thursday Share: Passion, Revisited

I encountered two things online this week the reminded me of my younger self and hope that they strike a chord with some of you too. Once I started following Jesus as a teenager I was all in—I was intensely devoted. I took the words of Jesus as literally as possible and became consumed with worshipping God Read the full article →

Thursday Share: Attending to Joy

Each week we share a blog post we have read recently that will be encouraging to Restoration in our mission to join God in the restoration of all things. Our own Justin McGee wrote this thoughtful reflection about his experience serving Thanksgiving dinner to refugee families with Gateway of Grace last week. “As we seek Read the full article →

Thursday Share: Observing Advent as a Family

Advent can be mean more for your family than just a candy filled calendar. Ditch the “Elf on the Shelf” and consider incorporating some of these ideas from Elizabeth Peterson into your family’s traditions. Advent literally means “the coming.” This season is about preparation, not performance or perfection. We are preparing our hearts to welcome Christ Read the full article →

Thursday Share: The War on Advent

Too much has already been said about red Starbucks cups this week. And I’m sure that there will be more opportunities for people to take offense over Christmas related greetings and decorations over the next  six weeks before Christmas Day even arrives. But what about those of us who wait to celebrate Christmas until Christmas Day? Anglicans Read the full article →

Thursday Share: Pew Research Religious Landscape Study

Maybe your’ve read the headlines in the past few days about a Pew Research study on the religious landscape of America that was released this week. This study of 35,000 American adults between 2007 and 2014 has caused many commentators to claim that the religious in America are rapidly being replaced by the “the Nones,” or people who claim Read the full article →

Thursday Share: The Spirituality of Slowing Down and Shutting Up

This week Restoration Recommends an article from Bishop Todd Hunter written for the Leadership Journal. Hunter writes “The deepest contentment is not derived from external excitement, but through inward rest. Yet we’re constantly told to “rest” by cultivating a heightened state of excitement. But constant audio and visual input pushes God to the margins. Over-stimulation shakes Read the full article →

Thursday Share: Discover The Daily Office

On Thursdays we want to share an interesting post from another blog we have read this week would be helpful for Restoration to read too. Winfield Bevins wrote an excellent call to “Discover The Daily Office” on  A Pattern for Prayer The Daily Office is one of the ways that Christians have prayed for Read the full article →